Frequently asked questions

About excursions

It is easiest to communicate with us via e-mail or a WhatsApp message. This is allowed in Dutch! We are aware of the current status of the excursions and can thus make a reservation for you.

It is still possible to book excursions on the spot, but if you want to make sure there is still space, we advise you to book 2 weeks in advance. Popular excursions such as the 3D village tour, Albania and Pelican Island often fill up quickly.

For each excursion, we have a minimum and maximum number of participants. This is due to the capacity of the small excursion vans or the maximum allowed capacity on our boats.

For an excursion, put on comfortable clothes and footwear. On our boat trip, you can put on flip-flops and swimwear to

We have included pick-up/drop-off, a coffee break with drink and lunch with drink in the price as standard. No need to worry about having to pay extra halfway through the excursion. If you want to buy a souvenir or something tasty along the way, this is at your own expense.

Yes, we can accommodate different food requirements. Always mention this in advance so we can inform the right people.

Yes, Lale Tours is a registered Northern Macedonian company which meets the requirements to take guests on excursions, this also means that all participants, guides and staff are insured for emergencies.

For every accommodation in Ohrid and its surroundings, we have a pick-up point nearby. Depending on the excursion and your accommodation, we know the correct pick-up time. When making an excursion booking, we will indicate this.

About the reservation

Payment for the excursion is made afterwards to the guide, in cash in euro's or denars.

You can cancel free of charge until 4pm on the day before. For cancellations on the day of the excursion or the day before after 4pm, we charge 40% of the excursion price due to our preparations. These include arranging a guide, food, transport and we may not be able to fill the reserved spots.

Very occasionally an excursion cannot take place, which we always regret. A common reason is that not enough participants have registered. We have minimum and maximum numbers for every excursion.

The weather forecast in northern Macedonia is not always reliable; rain or clouds can quite often be very localised. However, this is no reason for us to cancel the excursion. With that said, comfort and safety for our guests and guides are always top priority.

We are sorry to hear that you are ill on the day of the excursion. Even if you cannot participate due to illness, we will charge 40% of the preparation fee. This is because it is no longer possible for us to fill your place.

Small children between 0 and 4 go free. Children aged 5 to 9 go for half price. This applies to all excursions except the jeep safari. For the jeep safari, children under 10 get a €10 discount.

Our excursions are also suitable for children! Especially our boat trip and jeep safari are suitable. Pelican Island for the real animal lover or the 3D village tour for the culture sniffer are also recommended. All excursions are day excursions and start at 09:00 and last until 17:00 - 18:00.

About Rent-a-Car

With us, it is not necessary to have a credit card.

All car's are all-risk insured. We only charge 300€ excess in case of accidents or damage. Of course, we hope nothing happens on the way.

Payment is made at the start of the contract, after which you will receive the keys. Payment is on site at the accommodation in cash, euro's or denars. Or optionally by PIN or credit card at our head office in Ohrid at Partizanska 8.

All car's have a green card, with this you can cross the border. You are not allowed to go to Kosovo, due to current conditions - this is also mentioned on the contract.

At the border, you will need passports, the registration certificate and the green card. The latter two can be found in the car, under the driver's sun visor.

A second driver on the contract, green card and insurance are included.

We have child seats available, at €5 per day. When booking, please let us know how many kilos you need a child seat for. A booster seat is also available.

Car's will be driven to the location of your accommodation. This is also where the contract is signed. Car collection is in the morning between 08.30 - 11.00. Car return is x number of days afterwards in the morning same time as pick-up. Car & #039;s can be returned last at 14.00, for which an extra rental day is charged.

About northern Macedonia

In northern Macedonia, payment is made with the Macedonian denar (MKD or DEN). Euro's are also often accepted. You can withdraw cash at hotels, restaurants and larger shops. It is also possible to withdraw cash from an ATM, but for this you will pay a percentage over the amount withdrawn, depending on the bank. We recommend withdrawing cash at major banks in the area, such as Halbank, NLBbanka or Sparkasse. You can also bring euro's from the Netherlands and exchange them at an exchange office locally. This also charges a percentage, but exchange rates in the city are normal. At the airport, however, this is not recommended.

The Macedonian Denar has an exchange rate of about €1 = 61.5 MKD. Or 100 MKD = €1.62 . For the most up-to-date exchange rate, you should consult a financial institution or a reliable currency exchange website.

Macedonian is mainly spoken in Macedonia, but Albanian and Turkish are also common. Especially the younger generation often also speaks English. Sometimes the older generation still masters German.

No, you can also travel to North Macedonia with an identity card, as well as to Albania. Please note that it must be valid for at least 3 months, otherwise you will not be admitted at customs at the airport

No, your Dutch subscription is not valid in North Macedonia as it is outside the EU. You can buy a world zone package 2 through your Dutch provider for a certain number of days in which you will then have internet and call minutes/sms'jes. Or you can buy a prepaid SIM card locally from Lica Mobile, A1 or T-Mobile, for example. Then you will have a Macedonian number with which you can call, text'and surf the internet. We recommend that you do not transfer WhatsApp to this number, but keep your Dutch number.

Is your question not here? Then feel free to contact us.