About us

Discover the Heart of Lale Tours: A Story of Love, Adventure and Family

In 1983, Coby's story began in the charming village of Pestani, Macedonia. On the sunny beach of her hotel, on the rise, she met Dimitri, a local fisherman. Despite the language barrier, a beautiful love blossomed. Together they defied time, got married and created a cosy life in the Netherlands with their children Nathalie and Christiaan.

Years passed, but Dimitri and Coby cherished a dream: to share their love for Macedonia with others. In 2003, they decided to return, transform the parental home into a welcoming bed and breakfast and set up Lale Tours. It became a family affair that everyone enjoyed participating in.

When the pandemic struck, Christiaan braved the challenges, travelled to the Netherlands to keep the business running, and met Elisabeth on New Year's Eve. It was love at first sight, and they shared a vision: to take Lale Tours to new heights.

In 2022, Christiaan and Elisabeth returned to northern Macedonia and married. Their family became complete with the arrival of Mila in 2023. Now, as a team, they are committed to Lale Tours, with a passion to provide people with unforgettable experiences.

At Lale Tours, we are more than a travel agency; we are a family that believes in love, adventure and sharing special moments. Let us guide your trip, whether it's exploring the majestic nature of northern Macedonia or creating treasured memories with your own family.

Welcome to Lale Tours, where together we explore the world and write stories that will last a lifetime.