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The donkey is one of the most versatile animal, still seen in many villages in Macedonia. We ask the locals if the donkeys may have a break from their normal routine of transporting wood in the mountains. We are leaving Pestani; by mini-van we will drive to the nearest mountain village Elsani. We make a short walk in the center and will continue with donkeys. Every donkey has his guide who will be constantly with him. We will visit the medieval village Konjsko almost 4 kilometres further and 1300 meter above sea level. The village is almost abandoned and in ruins. Some villagers stayed and do live with primitive habits. The contrast of the villages is enormous. We will have a lunch in Gorno Konjsko. After the lunch we will go back via Elsani where the mini-van is waiting to bring you back to your accommodation.


To keep in mind

*Pick up depends on your accommodation’s location.

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